Apple has a lot of work to do as it tries to offer consumers a new line of products. Most have seen the iPad Pro and the disappointing MacBook Pro already though there is still the sketchy iPhone 8 to wait on. Another product expected to get a refresh is the iMac 2017.

iMac 2017 production is projected to start in May under the watch of Quanta Computers. To date, the features and specs that the new iMac will have to offer are unclear though most expect them to be big. The Cupertino company has a lot of catching up to do, especially since Microsoft had already released the Surface Studio late last year.

iMac 2017 made for pro users

There are a couple of iMacs expected later this year, and one of them is the variant made for pro users. It will reportedly be the most powerful desktop armed with server-grade features. That includes the iMac 2017 sporting Intel Xeon E3-1285 chipsets and an ECC RAM of up to 64 GB for better protection from data corruption.

Other noteworthy specs for that iMac 2017 offering include an NVMe SSD storage that can accommodate up to 2 TB and a mystery graphics card. The GPU should be equally powerful though most may have to wait a bit to find out what the Cupertino company will use.

Consumer iMac 2017 variants coming out first

To probably set the stage, the iMac 2017 consumer version is likely to come out ahead of the pro model.

The speculated date of its release is somewhere between July and August. The iMac 2017 for Pro users will likely come out by the fourth quarter of 2017.

Despite being a notch lower, Apple is expected to add some flavor to the iMac consumer models as they try to keep in step with the Microsoft Surface Studio AIO PCs. But the delays Apple has done may have pushed them farther down the line with other brands like HP and Asustek also getting into the all-in-one desktop act.

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But the real threat is Microsoft who has managed to offer users something timely that Apple couldn’t. Most saw it as the Microsoft Surface Pro series and now the Surface Studio line, both catering to the power requirements users needed.

Tardy as the Cupertino may be as far as its iMac line is concerned, it does have several months to fill up the desktop with handy impressive features.

Most are aching to get the best iMac configuration, meaning customers may be more interested in the pro user variant than the standard consumer unit. If Apple falters, expect most to turn their attention Microsoft’s way.