Apple is expected to release its latest generation iMac all-in-one desktop computers within this year. Aside from the standard range of iMacs, namely the 21.5-inch and the 27-inch models, the company is now reportedly going to be offering a "server-grade" variant that is built specifically for the high-end professional business market.

Catering to hardcore pros

According to the latest reports coming from Apple's Taiwan-based supply chains, the Cupertino-based tech firm is apparently planning to offer an ultra high-end variant of the iMac this year.

The reports further reveal that the new variant will be featuring Intel's latest Xeon processor as well as some upgraded internals. The new model is meant to be used by creative professionals and those that require more than the usual amount of power and performance compared to regular desktop users.

Rumored specs of the 'Pro' iMac

Reports from the Supply Chain have also revealed that the new high-end iMac will be coming with a Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor. It has to be noted that the new Kaby Lake-based 14 nm-architecture chip has yet to officially announced by Intel.

Additionally, reports have claimed that users will be able to pair the processor with up to 64GB of error-correcting ECC RAM. To provide a faster storage solution, the new iMacs will be coming with up to 2TB of NVMe solid state.

As for the GPU, Apple currently has a contract with AMD, which means that a new AMD-built graphics card will likely end up in the high-end iMac as well.

Upgraded display and accessories

Aside from the upgraded internals, the "Pro" version of the iMac is rumored to be coming with an all-new 8K resolution display, a huge jump from the 5K displays on the current generation 27-inch iMac.

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Reports have also suggested that Apple may be offering customers a brand new keyboard this time around. Apple apparently wants to integrate its Touch Bar display and Touch ID sensor into the keyboard, but the decision to do so still greatly depends on the reception of consumers with the latest MacBook Pro.

Possible release dates

Taiwan-based supply chain sources have reported that production of the two new standard iMacs is scheduled to begin next month. The new models are expected to be launched sometime between August and October, in time for the holiday season. The high-end iMac, on the other hand, will be released a little bit later but is expected to be made available sometime during the last few months of 2017.