How to make something go viral? Well, that is a pretty tough question. It’s even tougher when you are a journalist, blogger, or Share on social media.The latest studies show that we share particular content for the sake of improving ourselves and we do it for the sake of social promotion.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School for Communication scanned people’s brains in order to see what really happens in our mind when we click on “share”.

We know what will represent us in positive light

The scientists found out that our brains are pretty successful when it comes to choosing the content that will let us appear positively by sharing it.

Our brain is also crafty when it comes to choosing a content that will instigate a social interaction by sharing it.

Taking into consideration that 80 people between the age of 18 and 24 participated, results can be construed as partially correct. social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have many advantages. Often we share a song, or we write something because we want to express our feelings.

Social networks help during the tough times

Since the beginning of the mankind, people had the need to express what they feel. Over the time, we realized that some of us are procrastinating when it comes to saying what we feel. Whether that procrastination because of shyness, or for some other reason, we do procrastinate.

However, Facebook came as an advantage for those who are too say what they feel. If you're too shy to tell it, you can type and share it. People seem to get relief by writing about the things that matter to them. Writing on a paper about what matters to us will provide us with a feeling of relief, similar to the situation where we tell someone something that we’ve been keeping inside.

There is so many verses from the song that leave an impact on us. That is also the content that we want to share with our friend in order to let them know how we feel. That way we try to arouse compassion in them, or simply gain some attention.

As an example, if your girlfriend has left you for no reason, and you're in pain because of that, you want to share a song that talks about unexplained breakups and things that are followed by such breakup.