The next "clash of clans" update is the most anticipated event in the game at present. As advertised by Supercell and other social media influencers, the upcoming update is massive and is different from anything else the players have ever seen.

Latest leak

A recent leak from China claims to be describing the highly anticipated "Clash of Clans" update if accurate, might have given us the key features that will roll out with the patch. Among them are the multi-village support and Night mode. SebixPhoenix posted the leak in the game's subreddit. Since it was posted with Chinese text, it was later translated by numerous native Chinese speakers.

Although the text was already translated, there is no way that we can verify if the image is indeed a legit one.

Image teardown

The leaked image shows the large ship at the center. The design perfectly coincides with the previous shipwreck leaks that have been the favorite topic among fans and players as early as fall of 2016. The characters on the top right of the image partially mean, the second village. The recent data mines reported fits with the translated text in the image and connect to the shipwreck feature that was previously hinted.

Since it is not easy to work on several villages all at once without serious swapping of accounts, players often find this very difficult. The leak, if true is great news for players since it claims that the said inconvenience will not be experienced when the patch is already released.

Aside from the multi-village options, the text in the image also mentioned about a certain night world of extreme speed. The community interpreted this as a potential night mode. In this mode, it is assumed that Villages in the game is built under the stars instead of sunlight. Also, while including impressive aesthetic, the speculated night mode could potentially serve to a different set of players with different gameplay preference.

As claimed by one of Supercell's official forum site, the next "Clash of Clans" update is massive. For now, this is the only information that we have. This same sentiment was shared by several YouTube personalities who were allegedly invited by the Supercell to try out the game's soon-to-be-released update.

For their part, Supercell has been very silent about the upcoming patch aside from consistently teasing about it.

The release date is certainly not going to roll out this weekend. However, speculations have it that the highly anticipated update might be introduced by next month.

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