Players of the popular and pioneering MMO strategy video game are excited to see what's in store in the next "clash of clans" update. In 2016, Supercell unveiled a round of massive updates but for 2017, not much has been tweaked. Minor updates here and there have been implemented in the game but in general, it was mostly focused on game balancing and not really involving updates in the big leagues that involve new content or new characters. That said, the players are still hoping for Supercell to stay true to its promise that they will be releasing a massive, never-before-seen update in "COC's" existence.

What could Supercell be brewing in the upcoming "Clash Of Clans" update for 2017? Could the shipwreck update finally set sail in the freemium mobile game? The said shipwreck update has long been a hot topic for discussion in online forums pertaining to the popular mobile game. An alleged leaked photo of the game showing literal shipwreck graphics has spurred speculations that it is a new game addition that the game developers are working on.

Shipwreck update confirmed - a new village in the works?

While the shipwreck update for "Clash Of Clans" have yet to be confirmed or released by Supercell, another set of game updates have allegedly been leaked. According to reports, Supercell Games teased the players with the idea that a new village might be waiting to be unveiled in the next "COC" update.

The official thread of Supercell on Reddit entitled "ideas submission guidelines thread" is reportedly the source of the alleged new village update. According to reports, the code in the said thread was updated and ended up being associated with the function of changing villages. Eagle-eyed players obviously took it as a major clue and are beginning to cozy up to the idea that "COC" might start to allow the players to manage several villages at once.

'COC' taking after 'Boom Beach?'

If there's a mobile game that comes to mind whenever several villages being managed at once is brought into the discussion, it would most probably be "Boom Beach." With that in mind, players are suspecting that the next "Clash Of Clans" update might have something to do with "Boom Beach's" game pattern.

Another thing that fuels the speculations about a new village is that the first item on Supercell's Reddit thread entitled "ideas taken into consideration" is the Clan Village. This is reportedly a game feature where all players are placed in one village with one elected leader. As of writing, Supercell has yet to confirm the alleged leaked details for the next "COC" update.

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