"The Long Dark" from Hinterland Studio Inc. is a survival game that tests players' skills. Surviving is the main point of the game while players gather materials, resources, and life essentials to decrease their risk of dying early. The beautiful scenery is an immersive aspect of the game. The first-person view makes it even more interesting in terms of overall gameplay.

"The Long Dark" is 50 percent off on Steam because it is part of the Steam Midweek Madness -- along with other games. The offer ends on April 29. For players who did not yet play this survival game, this is an immersive experience for them while they beat other players' scores based on who survived the longest.

Surviving is not easy, especially when nature is a double-edged sword

"The Long Dark" is not a realistically detailed survival game, but it is unique in its own way. Players will have to explore areas while attending to their needs, especially food and water. According to the game description from the developers, the information is provided to players, but not the answers. It is up to the players in terms of how they want to survive throughout the course of the gameplay.

The indie game is still an Early Access Game, provided that there will be future updates that will improve the overall gaming experience. On the other hand, there are actually two options that players can choose from: "Sandbox Mode" and "Story Mode." Story Mode reveals the overall content of the game and its purpose -- how things happen after a geomagnetic disaster.

Specifically, players will have to prioritize their needs based on calorie count, thirst, hunger, fatigue, and body temperature. Failing to meet one of these needs will result in side effects, including death.

More areas to explore and other regions coming soon

"The Long Dark" is mainly set in a frozen, snowy wilderness with pine trees.

However, there are other areas that players can explore such as Desolation Point, Coastal Highway, Pleasant Valley, and much more. Since this is still an early access game, more areas will be added in the future, according to the developers. With its dynamic weather, day-and-night cycle, and numerous choices, this game is a portal to another reality. Here is the trailer below: