Donald Trump named Ajit Pai the Federal Communications Commission chairman three months ago and now, he has announced the plan of the FCC to roll back Net Neutrality regulations. According to Pai, he will start the process of reversing net neutrality rules that were undertaken under President Barack Obama.

The planned changes

Net neutrality, or open Internet, urges Internet service providers (ISPs) to provide consumers equal access to all legal content without blocking others and favoring some websites. But Pai plans to abandon consumer protections to benefit large companies in the telecommunications industry.

In short, with net neutrality, ISPs will block some content and charge an extra amount in order to avail certain services. With that, users can no longer enjoy the freedom achieved today that allows everyone to access any website and download information at the same speed. But with the proposed amendments, ISPs will require a cut from every website to provide the contents that the customers are asking for.

During Obama's time, the FCC implemented net neutrality to emphasize that the internet is open and free. People could also censor their personal information from corporate giants. But under Trump, things are a lot different.

Startups against the plan

While giant companies support the change, broadband companies like AT&T, Comcast, Cox, and Verizon are against it since it will harm their innovation and investment putting them at a huge disadvantage.

After FCC chairman Pai announced the plan to kill net neutrality, more than 800 startups sent Pai a business-minded denouncement saying that their plan could impede their ability to "start a business and reach a worldwide customer base."

The letter was spearheaded by Y Combinator, Engine, and Techstars where they stated that aside from the improved broadband speeds, they also depend on an open Internet.

With that, they are concerned about the planned changes to the existing legal framework.

They also stressed that instead of dismantling the regulations, it is better to focus on policies that will promote a stronger Internet for everyone. The names and locations of each company that support the appeal are then mentioned at the bottom part of the letter.

People's voice

Killing net neutrality is just one of the many Trump-led efforts that are disagreed on by many. Pai stressed that the first amendment does not give the government the power to regulate. He also said that the government hates free speech and changing net neutrality rules will fix that.

Because of this, it is the goal of some group to spread information about the issue and get the people engaged through social media. Everyone is urged to help save the internet. Which side are you on?