Studio Wildcard’s “ARK: Survival Evolved” has released update 256 for the Steam PC version. The open-world survival game now has a slew of new creatures, such as the Moby Dick-like sea monster Leedischthys and the horse ancestor Equus. New Tek tier items are also in store; players can now find a teleporter and underwater bases. What’s more, the game’s fresh user interface is pleasing to the eyes, and something fans should not miss.

New creatures

Patch 256 just presented “ARK: Survival Evolved” its biggest sea creature, the Leedischthys. The colossal fish doesn’t attack humans per se, although it’s not keen on rafts.

This sea monster is huge enough to sink the sturdiest of boats.

Added to the list of creatures is the Equus, which is a horse. It can be tamed, but Survivors may have to go through hell to make it their own. Your Equus will be able to carry items for more inventory space and its all-white variant, a rare Unicorn (oh yes, it has a horn!), is the last capture. One can exist at a time on a map, so the one who tames is the most badass Survivor of all.

Survivors will also find great companionship with the Ichthyornis, a bird that’s useful for hunting; and the Iguanodon, a herbivore good at collecting fruit and carry it, too.

New Tek tier items

Studio Wildcard has also made it possible for “ARK: Survival Evolved” players to build bases underwater using waterproof items.

What this means is that underwater breeding has been made possible. However, the eggs cannot be taken out of the water, or they will die.

Along with it is an enhanced generator than can power other Tek or similar structures wirelessly. Another item that’s worth a try is the Tek teleporter, which allows a Survivor to travel seamlessly, although a caveat is that it’s quite expensive to build it.

Players who enjoy toying with character appearances will enjoy growing a ponytail another game addition or go with mutton chops.

ARK: Survival Evolvedpatch 256 is a 1.1 GB download on Steam. According to Studio Wildcard’s press release, the update is heading to Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 next month.