Microsoft continues to drop the tiniest of details about the highly-anticipated Project Scorpio, making the hype stronger than before each time. What fans know so far is that it’s headed for release later this year, and that it’s the “most powerful console ever built,” as the company puts it. Luckily for this generation, there’s Twitter – and Xbox head Phil Spencer happens to be on it.

Spencer, who seems to be in a good mood lately, answered a few questions from his followers, one of which addressed the Scorpio’s roster of first-party games. He said for the brand new console to have a successful launch, the team will have to focus on 1P games.

First-party Scorpio games: critical

One question the Xbox head was asked is that if Microsoft has its sole focus on Project Scorpio, and if gamers have anything to worry about with its roster of games. “Very focused on 1P [first-party] games. I’ll be careful about when we announced thing but I know strong 1P is critical,” he replied.

Spencer pointed out that DLCs and games for Xbox are on a roll despite being told by a user that gamers aren’t that keen on purchasing third-party games anymore. He was quick to add that having first-party games ready for Project Scorpio is “critical.”

Scorpio at E3?

While the Xbox exec hasn’t said anything about the new console’s supposed reveal at E3, rumor has it that it’s bound for the biggest convention of the year.

What’s for sure though is that Microsoft will hit the stage with several first-party games at E3. “I want to give our games more time on stage at E3, I sometimes feel like we rush telling the story of our games at E3,” Spencer said.

No games have been confirmed just yet but Microsoft is expected to announce some of them at E3 2017, which will kick-off on June 13 and will end June 15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, as always. The tech giant previously announced that there will an Xbox E3 press briefing at the LA Galen Center on June 11. Many believe that the briefing will likely focus on the upcoming Project Scorpio.