Apple is no doubt a global tech giant continuously introducing products with cutting edge technologies. The massive operation of this Cupertino tech conglomerate has helped other tech companies as they source several components of their products. Its suppliers are located across the globe with products contained in every Apple product that people use.

Imagination Technologies

Among these global suppliers is Imagination Technologies (IT). Recently, the company was notified by Apple that they would no longer be licensing the vendor’s technology in the next two years.

IT is a British chip designer that supplies PowerVR graphics processor for iPhones and iPads. In a statement made by IT, the company revealed that the Cupertino-based tech giant is currently working on an independent and separate graphics design to manage its products. It was further stated that they are decreasing their future dependence on the technology produced by Imagination.

The most recent move from the makers of iPhone would undoubtedly cause a massive jab for Imagination Technologies. About half of the company’s revenue including royalties on iPhone and iPad devices was from the iPhone maker. At present, Apple has more than eight percent share of the company, who once planned on taking full acquisition but later flipped.

A-series chips

If the news revealed by IT is true, then fans can expect a future A-series chip packed with the company designed GPU and CPU in its iPhone series. It is worth noting that the company has been very successful in developing its own Central Processing Unit. Its latest in the market is equipped with ARM-based cores that gave competitors a good run for their money.

However, if ever the company comes up with its own Gpu design, it would most likely be under fire. In their statement, IT reiterated that the company will not be able to come up with a design that will not overstep the British company’s patent.

Meanwhile, the company recently revealed its 9.7-inch iPad along with the RED iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

Fans are expecting for a September release of the next generation iPhones. The issue with Imagination will be a showdown that will most likely happen in the near future should Apple pursue its new venture of designing its own GPUs for its mobile devices.