Sony is launching what it calls Update 4.5 and it turns out this update is going to be bringing some major changes to the way you can use your PS4. There are actually a ton of new features coming to the PlayStation 4 but there are a couple that absolutely are better than others. While most people are going to be getting the update automatically, others might be looking to avoid altogether. Let us make it abundantly clear this update is something you're going to want to have installed on your PS4 in order to fully take advantage of the advancements Sony has made with update 4.5

External HDD support

One of the most annoying things about the Sony PS4 since launch has been the very limited ways you could expand memory on the base model.

Update 4.5 changes this in a big way. Before you had to go about installing a new HD into the console housing, backing everything up and then reinstalling on the new HDD.

Now you can go out and get an external hard drive for your PlayStation 4 the same way you would your PC or the Xbox One. This is good news for people who buy way more games digitally than they do at the brick and mortar stores. It's also good news for members of the PS Plus program who have to decide what they want to delete when they download the new offerings every month.

Wallpaper customization

One of the really neat things about the PS4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro is that it is quite easy to take really nice looking pictures of the games you are playing.

The problem forever has been that while you could save these screenshots on your social media but it was much harder to just display those pictures for yourself. Update 4.5 will allow for PS4 users to make those really pretty pictures their dashboard wallpaper.

PS4 Pro boost mode

People who have been annoyed about the lack of games that don't have Playstation 4 Pro support can rest a little easier these days. Update 4.5 is bringing a boost mode, that will make games look just a little bit better on the PS4 Pro even if they don't specifically have support built into the title.