T-Mobile is offering a special promotion with which customers will get a third Line for Free for all new and existing customers. However, the scheme is applicable only for customers who are currently using two or more than two postpaid lines in a single package. Moreover, the US-based mobile service provider is offering two lines of unlimited 4G LTE data package for $100 per month with AutoPay for the T-Mobile ONE package.

Steps to register for the T-Mobile promotion

To sign up for the free third line, you need to approach an authorized T-Mobile store in your locality.

You have an option to choose from four plans including enterprise accounts with 11 lines. You will be required to produce the relevant documents, which shows proof that you are using more than two accounts, which is the main eligibility criteria. You can make use of the free line to work with an extensive range of mobile devices. Meanwhile, you will not be eligible for a free third line if you have canceled your existing line after February 27.

Speed will be capped if you reach a particular limit

Before signing up for the package, you should go through the conditions, which are often given in small font size. The terms specifically state that the speed of the connectivity will be reduced if you reach a particular limit.

Moreover, you should not consume bandwidth greater than 28GB per month.

If you pay $100 for the two lines of the relevant package, you will get 10GB unlimited data enabled with tethering and video streaming (HD) for $33 for each connection. You should remember that if you modify your package at any point in time, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the free account.

Hence, you should always use at least two lines to keep the third one for free.

If you are already using two lines or planning to take a package with double lines, then you should do it immediately. The offer will be valid only for a limited time. We don't have any information about the end date, but the company will remove the scheme anytime.