Back in January, Nintendo confirmed that “Super Mario Run” would come to Android devices come March, but this is the first confirmation of a specific date. On March 23, the mobile game will arrive with the update 2.0.0, though no other details about what the version includes were shared except for several new playable characters.

Nintendo to slash game price?

Released originally for iOS, “Super Mario Run” costs a hefty $9.99, but enthusiasts suggest that now may be the time to reduce the price for the game and is Nintendo’s best option to attract more buyers.

Regarding its initial release for the Apple operation system, the company said this was done to ward off piracy. Until now, extracting the game’s apk remains risky, but third party developers have managed to release free versions that share similar gameplay.

Mario's catch

The game works in a modified free-to-play prototype and its first three levels are indeed for free but to unlock the rest of it, players must pay $9.99 to enjoy it entirely. This has been considered as a major setback for “Super Mario Run” since the usual free-to-play model doesn’t have to include fees to progress through the game.

In as essence, it is possible to play the game in its entirety, but the ultimate experience can only be achieved through buying passes or boosters.

As of this writing, the game has made 78 million downloads on iOS alone, but fans suggest a price drop of $6.99 would make the game a lot more reasonable. According to Android Authority, only 5 percent of those who have downloaded actually bought the game. To those interested, pre-registration is up to be notified once the game goes live on the Google Play Store.

In related news, a “Super Smash Bros.” sequel for the Nintendo Switch could happen. It is yet to be formally confirmed, but Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime did not rule out the possibility. In a recent interview, the executive said that releasing a new title for the game fits accordingly into the company’s plans. That said, things seem brighter for Nintendo this year.