Facebook has recently begun rolling out new methods of reporting in order to create better suicide-prevention. The reports will be answered in a timelier manner for the safety of the person that may be in danger. In particular, Facebook is focused on suicide-prevention. The new suicide-prevention was created so that friends and family can report if they are concerned for the person’s safety.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is a new feature on the popular social media site. It is much like the video upload feature from before except it is uploaded in a livestream.

It is very similar to a news broadcast in many ways and has been used to record and stream many news-worthy events. Feedback such as likes and comments come in live and some celebrities have used the platform as a type of live question and answer.

Facebook live does have the drawback of being live, meaning anything can happen and be viewed live, even when it’s inappropriate. Suicides have been live streamed which is why Facebook is focusing on suicide-prevention.

Reporting methods

Facebook has come under fire before for their reporting methods. Often times when a person chooses to report something as offensive, it is often not reviewed or removed for many hours or even days after the report is filed.

In the case of suicide-prevention, a few hours can be far too long. Facebook hopes to prevent further acts of violence in the live stream by developing quicker reporting methods.

The report to action times has been known to be inappropriate before. In fact, a man in Texas was accused of murdering his wife and posting pictures of her body after.

Facebook then initially refused to remove the photo believing it was the victim trying to get attention and receive help. Because of occasions like this and others similar to it, Facebook is trying to create better reporting methods so people can receive the help they may need. This need for quicker reporting methods is especially relevant in Live Streams where people could be planning on harming themselves or others which is why Facebook said March 1st it is focusing on suicide-prevention for live streams.

Suicide prevention

Suicide-prevention is exceptionally important not just for the suicidal person but also for the viewers that could develop PTSD from unintentionally viewing a suicide. Facebook has already live streamed multiple suicides unintentionally, such as the one of a young girl who posted and live streamed her suicide. Should Facebook's new reporting method be quicker? It could help people to report to Facebook and would help Facebook to contact local authorities immediately, which could aid in suicide-prevention. However if anyone ever worries someone may commit suicide, and knows where they are located, they should call emergency services and prevent suicide before it happens.