In February, “Pokemon GO” held its Valentine’s event where pink Pokemon spawned more frequently than usual. Today, Niantic announced another major event for March. This time the theme is in line with the World Water Day annual affair. On their social media account, the game developer revealed that starting today players would enjoy the latest Water Festival Event.

Pokemon available

During the “Pokemon GO” Water Festival celebration, Totodile, Squirtle, Magikarp and their respective evolutions will spawn more frequently in the wild than they normally do. Furthermore, in real world locations where the water-type Pokemon are usually found, players will find Gen 2 Pokemon spawning at a higher frequency.

There is even a great chance that you will capture the elusive Lapras according to Niantic.

As all players know, Lapras has been the most elusive and almost impossible to find in the wild since the augmented reality game was first launched. It can be recalled that there was once an occasion in Japan where Lapras was made to spawn more frequently. Because of his hard-to-find characteristic, it sparked interest among players.

According to iDigiTimes, Seel and Shellder should be more noticeable. In addition, fossil-type creatures like Omanyte and Kabuto are also expected to appear in this new event. Meanwhile, fans are expecting that Qwilfish, Mantine, and Chinchou will also be more visible during this week-long special happening.

Water festival schedule

The event kicks off on March 22 at 1:00 PM Pacific Time or 4 PM Eastern Time.

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This special event from Niantic will last until 1 PM PDT or 4 PM EDT on March 29. A special Magikarp hat, starting today, will be available in the avatar wardrobe section.

'Pokemon Go' events

Niantic has been regularly introducing event after event in “Pokemon GO,” which has so far kept players engaged with the game. The recent double XP event and Stardust promotions have been very effective, and fans are satisfied with what the developer is rolling out. Although the event was just announced today, there are several players already anticipating the next event, possibly around Easter.