Niantic started "Pokemon GO’s” 2017 with a bang. So far, updates and special events have been continuously rolling out. In addition, the introduction of more than 80 Johto Pokemon expanded the game. Obviously, fans are elated with these updates and events pouring in.

Fans of the phenomenal augmented reality game “Pokemon GO” will be delighted to know that after the most recent Gen 2 update another one is set to roll out. A secret file recently discovered was reportedly pointing to an upcoming addition of Shiny Pokemon in the game.

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are special variations of Regular Pokemon.

They appear to be colored in a different way and have a rather striking and more attractive look than their normal form. All of Generation 1 and Generation 2 Pokemon have shiny variants.

In every upcoming update, fans are always expecting that Shiny Pokemon will be included. However, if the recent data is found to be true, then players will be looking forward again to exciting days of catching these creatures. At present, there is no confirmation from Niantic about this recently reported information.

Upcoming major updates

In other news, Niantic, the game developer, has already confirmed their plans for the popular game in 2017. According to CEO John Hanke, fans can expect three major updates coming to the game.

One of the most awaited updates aside from the shiny creatures is the Legendaries.

Players can soon catch Mew, Mewtwo, and other Legendaries. Aside from the Legendaries, a major overhaul on the gym battles is also expected. PvP Battles are also heavily speculated as part of these upcoming updates.

Also, Niantic CEO John Hanke, apart from the massive updates, recently announced that a new "Pokemon GO Plus" is in the works and is nearing release.

In February, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the CEO was quoted saying that a new version is being worked on. Moreover, “Pokemon Go” is celebrating its first year anniversary in the summer. It is expected that more events are lined up as part of this year’s anniversary celebration.