On March 21, Google rolled out the developer’s preview of Android O. Although Google has not yet confirmed about the latest OS’ official name, it revealed the features and other details of what this next OS update will offer.

Background limits

The concept of this feature was endowed on the work the company has started with the Nougat. To improve the Battery Life as well as the interactive performance of a device, the company set up automatic limits to the apps that run in the background. This involves the three major areas such as the implicit broadcasts, background services, and location updates. Aside from maximizing the battery life, this feature will also allow developers to make apps that consume lesser battery.

Notification channels

Another feature of the next OS update is the Notification channels. This enables developers and users to have specific control on various types of notifications. Through this, users have the control to block or change every channel individually instead of managing them altogether. There are also visuals and clustering for easier identification of incoming notifications.

PIP Mode for handsets and new windowing features

Android O brings in the Picture in Picture (PIP) display. This feature, which is available on phones and tablets, enables users to continue watching a video even while answering a chat. Several Apps can be set on PiP Mode. You can also specify the aspect ratio of the apps as well as their custom interactions by placing play/pause button for easier management.

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Autofill APIs

Aside from the PIP Mode, Autofill APIs is another interesting and useful feature of the Android O. Just like in the desktops and laptops on Google Chrome, and this feature automatically fills text boxes with data like username and passwords. This gives users convenience as it will no longer entail a repetitive act of typing information. Also, users who are using LastPass or DashLane no longer need to install third party manager apps with this feature.


One great feature of the upcoming Google OS is its connectivity. With the Android O, high-quality Bluetooth audio codices are now supported. New Wi-Fi features are also introduced including the Wi-Fi Aware or (NAN). This technology allows devices to communicate with each other even without Internet access point.