The long wait for shiny pocket monsters is finally over with reports that a shiny Magikarp is now on “Pokemon Go”. The usually weak Pokemon seems to have gotten a big lift with the “shiny” feature though it remains to be seen how he fares during Pokemon battles.

Either way, the shiny Magikarp offers augmented reality players something to look forward to. His stats may not be that impressive though he is a must-have. Gamers over at the Silph Road on Reddit have posted screenshots of the new rare together with another critter in Gyarados.

Shiny debut catches many by surprise

The debut of the shiny Pokemon is something most have been waiting on and the sudden availability has caught many off-guard. Most are still busy trying to catch the 80 new pocket monsters from the Johto region when “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 was released.

Looking ahead, the shiny Magikarp and Gyarados are believed to be part of the Water Festival which signals the influx of water-type Pokemon. Considered rare finds, there is no word yet if more pocket monsters will be following the two Pokemon.

Will Pokemon Legendaries be next on the agenda?

For those unfamiliar with Shiny Pokemon, these were first introduced on Pokemon Gold and Silver. Red Gyarados is something one can catch on at the Lake of Rage. It is a rare find where the probability of catching random creatures is believed to be 1 in 8,000.

Speaking of rares, “Pokemon Go” players will likely want to know if the Legendaries are on Niantic’s itinerary.

“Articuno”, “MewTwo” and “Zapdos” are among the rare ones most are waiting for but there has been no credible update from John Hanke. Codes pointing to them were previously spotted until Niantic cleaned up the scripts. Aside from the Legendaries, gamers have yet to see the new features like Pokemon Go Trading and player vs.player updates.

Most are hoping to see more new things on “Pokemon Go” though Niantic seems to have a full plate.

Game server performance has been a problem as of late so the company may be taking it one small step at a time.

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