During the Blizzcon in 2016, Diablo 3 officially announced the return of the Necromancer Class. Since then, nothing much was heard from the developers about this topic. Speculations were rife when 2017 started about the upcoming release of the reimagining of these supernatural beings from “Diablo 2.”

Who are the Necromancers?

Necromancers are known to outsiders as Priests of Rathma. The identity of this class is always cloaked in mystery. They reside in the jungles of Kehjistan where they undergo rigorous training to preserve the equilibrium between the forces of life and death.

Apart from that, they are the masters of the dark arts and induce their magic from the power of death. They are skilled and experts in crafting curses and have pets who obey them blindly.

Necromancer’s skills

Blizzard shared the skills of Rathma’s Priests, which include the Grim Scythe. This skill allows you to summon a massive scythe in a widespread arc, creating damage and getting back Essence. This is a generator type of ability and is essential for amassing more powerful and devastating spells.

Another Skill introduced is the Leech. It is a dishonorable spell that enables you to steal and transfer a portion of your enemies’ health to yourself and to your allies. This spell is one of the best in supporting your other team members and in managing your own health.

Aside from the two skills revealed, the developers also shared Skill Runes. Among these is the Death Nova (Blood Nova). This skill creates massive damage, however, using it costs you Essence and a part of your Health. The Skill Rune Devour (Cannibalize) was also introduced. It is both a resource and a regeneration skill. This entails you to consume the corpses of your killed opponents so you can get Essence as well as your Health back.

Raise Golem (Blood Golem) is also featured. This was previously introduced during the BlizzCon 2016. The Blood Golem is a robust companion that has the capability to heal you by sacrificing himself. He also hurls substantial damages to enemies around. Moreover, he has the ability to reconstruct himself right away.

Upcoming content pack

The Necromancer Class will be part of the Content pack. It will come alongside the cosmetic wings, in-game pet, a portrait frame, and two additional character slots among others. The pack will also be released together with the free major content patch that will feature Challenge Rifts, two new zones and more. It will be available to all players of “Diablo III: Reaper of Souls” or the “Ultimate Evil Edition.”

Female model, release date, price

To top it all, the developers also showcased the Female Necromancer Model. She appears to be fierce and oozing with cadaverous beauty. The upcoming Necromancer release date is still on the second half of 2017. According to Blizzard, the upcoming content has not determined price yet.