Farming for experience is now officially prohibited in “Overwatch,” game director Matt Kaplan said so via the Blizzard forums. XP farming refers to taking advantage of exploits to gain experience points without actually playing the game and Violators risk having their accounts banned. The game director added that Skirmish custom games do not give out XP anymore and the AFK timer has been activated in the mode.

Kaplan revealed that Blizzard and its team of developers already knew that XP farming would entice players; however, they wanted to give players the “benefit of the doubt” before applying restrictions within the game.

It’s very disappointing to us that players abused the system to gain experience while inactive,” he said.

Blizzard warns cheaters

Before coming up with the decision, Kaplan revealed Blizzard’s initial plan was to maintain a hands-off approach when it comes to regulating the game. However, the updates are the first level of escalation towards misuse of “Overwatch’s” game dynamics. If players continue such malpractice, it could lead the team disabling the feature in which players earn XP via custom games. Moreover, accounts of frequent violators will be flagged and eventually banned.

Kaplan makes a plea; other updates

In the forum, Kaplan urged all “Overwatch” players to report users that practice XP farming, pleading Blizzard fans to refrain from the activity.

“If you enjoy Custom Games awarding experience, then please help us combat the behavior we’re seeing now,” the game director said.

Since its launch in May 2016, “Overwatch” has enticed veterans and new gamers alike because of the fresh perspective it provided for first-person shooters. While most FPS shooters rely on gore and violence, the game promises a fun and engaging type of combat, without stirring away from the true elements of FPS.

The multiplayer FPS will soon launch a new hero, Orisa, who will join the Tank roster along with Zarya, Reinhardt, D.Va, Winston and Roadhog. The new character doesn’t have unique sprays or player icons yet, but you can watch her do some emotes and victory poses already. She's not live yet and is still on the PTR, but new reports suggest the hero will be likely available late March.