clash royale” will have an epic TBT come Thursday for the Retro Royale challenge. The timed event will offer huge rewards for using decks that were popular way before the recent updates. To be specific, the deck selection will mirror what was available in 2016.

Supercell’s last update was the Clan Battle, which is by far the most exciting thing that has happened since the game launched. The Clan Battle had a 2 vs. 2 games against other teams from another clan. However, the caveat is that it’s a weekend thing, and clan chests take two weeks to be available.

Retro Royale details

Supercell had not blown up the retro challenge like what it did with the Clan Battle, although you can already see it in the app when you go to the challenge section. “Clash Royale’sRetro Royale challenge seems like a tiny event, which could be the reason why the developer isn’t so extravagant promotion-wise. As of this writing, though, an announcement of the event is already up on the official blog, and a 14-minute video clip to boot.

The retro timeline basically begins just after the Mortar card was released. This means that players get to have a total of 42 cards. Take note that modern mainstays like Royal Giants and legendaries will not be included. Players will be working on basic sets of troops, but cards will have modern balance values.

An excellent deck will offer rewards, that’s for sure. Although the first entry is for free, the next ones are valued 10 gems. Here’s a breakdown of what awaits competent players:

  • 6 wins: 3,000 gold
  • 5 wins: a Magical Chest
  • 3 wins: 1 Gold Chest
  • 2 wins: a Silver Chest for your Arena.
  • 1 win: 10 gems

Supercell reminds players that prizes for each win can only be won once.

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Start collecting your rewards!

This is what’s known of the Retro Royale challenge for “Clash Royale” so far. The event officially starts at 2 a.m. EDT Thursday morning. Supercell is yet to announce more challenges in the near future, so it’s best to take advantage of the mini-event once it goes live.