Overwatch,” from developers Blizzard, has finally announced their newest characters. For weeks now, Blizzard has teased details on social media and their website about an eleven year old inventor named Efi Oladele. The rumor was that the newest character was one of her robotic creations and it seems that fans were right.

Thankfully, we will not be playing as an eleven year old girl, but instead one of her doting creations which looks amazing. This new character also marks the first addition of a robotic hero to Overwatch since the game's release.

A centaur robot?

Orisa is a centaur-like robotic tank class hero with devastating ranged attacks. Blizzard has not yet confirmed when the character will be released, but Orisa is available now on the public pc test servers. Despite rumored reports that she would be a defense character, Orisa seems to be a welcomed addition to the cast of “Overwatch” heroes. Moreover, she is vastly different from the game's other robotic hero Bastion, which is a great thing.

A new kind of tank

Orisa is unlike any member of the tank class in the game. She fortify her own defenses or put up a shield barrier to help boost her team's front line defense or attack. Her ultimate ability Supercharger will boost up the damage output of all allies at once, which is a much welcomed feature.

Moreover, Orisa can launch graviton charges that slow down and move her enemies, which is very helpful for control games. She can also attack from long range with her gun, which makes her potentially the most versatile character in the tank class.

Heavy hitters create quitters

The tank class is already fill with heavy hitters like Reinhardt, Zarya, Winston, Roadhog, and D.

Va. All five have become fan favorites for different reasons and all five have afforded players the ability to play with different tactics. However, most of the tanks already in the game need to be close up to the enemies to take full advantage of their maximum amount of damage, so a long range fighter like Orisa gives tank players a breath of fresh air.

Players can use Orisa anywhere on the battlefield, but she is best used at range. She can launch cover fire with her gun, while throwing out damage boosts and protective barriers to help defend her team. Her abilities make her perfect for escorting the payload in fierce matches or defending a control point from invaders.

Coming soon to a screen near you

No word yet on when Orisa will be available, but fans can expect her to be released soon if she is on the public pc test server. Possibly as soon as March 7, 2017 since Blizzard loves to release new content for the game on Tuesdays. However, her character will be a welcomed addition to the game, but that also means that we may not see a character like Doomfist for a while. A defense character will likely be the next addition, after Orisa is released, so be on the look out for more content for the game within the next three months.