Overwatch,” from famous game developer Blizzard, has teased the latest hero to be added to their successful multi-platform multiplayer shooter, and it is not somebody you would expect. For months fans have speculated about the next hero to be released by Blizzard for “Overwatch” with rumors largely pointing to the long speculated Doomfist. Actor and mega “Overwatch” fan, Terry Crews, from “White Chicks” and “Everybody Hates Chris” was reportedly even petitioning and attempting to gather fan support for him to voice the character.

Terry Crews is an uber fan!

However, numerous reports of the character production for “Overwatch” suggest that Doomfist would have to be postponed, especially if Terry Crews was tapped to play him, in order to allow the development team to record the audio for the new character.

Wait, so it is not Doomfist?

Furthermore, Blizzard has revealed teasers to the next character they plan to release, and it certainly is not Doomfist. The newest hero appears to be a eleven year old inventor from Numbani named Efi Oladele. Efi was introduced on the official “Overwatch” website in an interview with the character the provides insight on her background.

An eleven year old?

Efi Oladele is a young inventor that received a grant from the Adawe Foundation for her achievements in robotics and artificial intelligence.

The interview with Oladele seems to hint that she could be the twenty-fourth character to be released for “Overwatch” or that one of her robotic creations could possibly be the twenty-fourth character. Oladele admits to building drones and robots in her spare time, so we could easily see the first robotic character released for the game since Bastion.

Lucky 24

No one is quite sure exactly who the twenty-fourth character will be, Efi or one of her robots, but more teasers are being released on the official Twitter accounts for Blizzard that indicate she is definitely involved in some way. If Efi or one of her robots is the next character to be release, expect her to be a defense character.

Downloadable content characters

Overwatch” has already released two characters since the initial game released last year. Ana, the mother of Pharah, was the first character to be released and help flush out the healer category. She provided more options for people who wanted a mobile group healer, but were bad with Lucio. Next, came Sombra a few months later, as one of the most versatile offense characters the game has ever seen. She provided players with more options for being a mobile damage dealer that could hack any health pack and player on the map to help shutdown the enemy team.

Fans are amped up!

The announcement of a new hero for “Overwatch” is huge and fans are largely assuming that this new character will be a defense character, since the long rumored Doomfist was pushed back.

Doomfist is slated to be a tank for the game, which leaves the defense category sorely lacking in new heroes, unless of course Efi Oladele fills that void. Her robot could even be the long rumored Athena character that uses the Athena artificial intelligence program. Athena was in some of the first concept art for “Overwatch” before the game released, so we know that this is something Blizzard has been planning since the inception of “Overwatch.” Expect more concrete details as the month goes on because we could potentially see this new hero released within the next two weeks.