It is now ready for download! For sure EA subscribers are now enjoying the new Super Deluxe Edition 10-hour game trial of Mass Effect Andromeda. Exciting stunts and other similar canvasses from the original trilogy are present. These are the exact reasons why avid players are craving for more.

Now available!

Mass Effect Andromeda was originally announced to be launched on March 16, 2017, but luckily, some of the EA members have downloaded it ahead of time. The amazing game offers unlimited access to the multiplayer mode. Thus, single-player mode has only a few missions.

Many of its avid players said that having the said trial is really a good thing. However, buying the game is a lot a better as it will give them a total complete experience.

The 10-hour test game is already on Origin and EA Access. It will be fully available on these platforms, also on PS4, on March 21 in North America and on March 23 in UK. The exciting game starts at only $60 and will also be available for Xbox One S and Xbox One.

Exciting details spilled!

Bioware’s masterpiece is said to be one of the most thrilling role-playing game that will take its players to a different dimension. Characters must look for a place to settle a new home. The journey will lead by the Pathfinder, a military-trained man who’s responsible for the humanity’s survival.

However, staying alive is not that easy as there are puzzling unidentified vaults that get on the players' way.

Super Deluxe Edition is likely to be similar to the last generation’s original trilogy. Players might feel a little nostalgic as creators remained the game’s usual basics. But of course, subscribers will surely enjoy its sci-fi gunfights, amazing telekinetic abilities and fun branching chitchat with other characters.

Getting the amazing game trial will actually give players not only the Super Deluxe edition but also some bonuses. Finishing the test drive will also give the avid players a chance to grab any hits that they want such as Battlefield 4 and Titanfall.