"Pokemon Go" is once again surging to the top of the charts on both iOS and Android following a rather massive update that added more than 80 new Pokemon to the list of those little creatures you can catch. The update comes after interest in the mobile application had waned considerably and constitutes a full-scale resurgence in interest. That's good news for developer Niantic, who saw the app become an International obsession when the game first launched.

Characters from a beloved era

As it did when "Pokemon Go" was first released, Niantic is making sure it cashes in on the popularity of the original games.

This time around, the additions are all coming from the "Pokemon Gold" and "Pokemon Silver" editions. As GamingBolt points out, this is widely thought of as one of the most popular versions of the long-running franchise.

There have already been numerous reports of people who had put the game down, or even completely deleted it from their smartphones once again hitting the streets looking for Pokemon. Whether or not this is good news for the sites that are routinely used as places where Pokemon can be found is anyone's guess. Since the app launched last year, there have been more than a few museums and businesses that have voiced their displeasure at the number of hunters who have turned up at inopportune places.

Better preparation this time around

One positive that should come from this increase in interest of "Pokemon Go" is that Niantic is better prepared for those who show an interest in the game. While the developers likely knew they would have a following, the sheer numbers of people that downloaded the app and went on the hunt surprised almost everyone.

Now that the developer knows just how many people love the app, they should be better suited to deal with the influx of users the update with 80 additional creatures and the drag on servers they will bring. The big question now is just how long the interest in "Pokemon Go" will last this time around. Will Niantic's latest stay at the top of the charts for months at a time, or will it fall off far quicker than it did the first time.