Even though the exact launch date of the new Apple iPhone 8 has not yet been decided, reports say that the release will be in September. Excitement has increased after the latest rumors that Apple is going for a complete makeover. The latest update is that Apple may remove the touch fingerprint recognition system and replace it with an advanced facial recognition system.

According to the latest reports, Apple has purchased a startup company from Israel named Realface. The startup company has produced some breathtakingly accurate facial recognition software and their latest facial recognition system will be just the perfect software for the tech giant.

Apple acquired Realface recently

Realface was an Israel-based startup company with about 10 employees. They had operations in different countries like the US, China, Israel and in Europe. According to rumors, the technology giant bought the company for about 2 million dollars. After the deal was closed, the web presence of Realface was wiped out by Apple.

The most accurate facial recognition software

According to experts, the Facial Recognition Software developed by Realface is the most accurate one to date. Using artificial intelligence, the software is said to have a 99.67% accuracy and can even tell identical twins apart. According to some reports published on their website, the company has stated that their artificial intelligence based software is 100% efficient and provides users with a great experience.

High-end security feature

Apple has always been interested in providing high-end security features. The iPhone 8 is rumored to have the most advanced security and authentication features available for a phone. According to trade analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, known for providing the most accurate rumors regarding Apple iPhones, the new model offers an edgeless design and to support this feature, Apple bought Realface because Touch ID won’t work with the edgeless design.

According to Ming, Apple would like to replace Touch ID with the facial recognition feature.

More exciting features of iPhone 8

According to the rumor mills, iPhone 8 will drop the iconic Home button and introduce a new design technology called quantum tunneling. This technology is rumored to help people control their phone with real touch-sensitive sensors, no matter how they pick it up.

This sensor will allow users to scroll even without touching the screen.

The new phone is said to be having a powerful A11 processor and 3GB of RAM. It is also reported that the 5-inch Apple iPhone will have wireless charging. With models expected to hit the stores around September 2017, if the rumors of the new features are true, there will be folks waiting in line to get it. With innovative design and robust security features, iPhone 8 is expected to become the best smartphone of 2017.