Apple will be launching iPhone 8 in 2017 which is marked as the 10th anniversary of Apple. Since the occasion of the launch is special, so people are expecting it to be everything they have heard. iPhone 7 and 7s were no doubt by the best iPhone till date.

The storage, performance, durability and quality of camera were impeccable. Since the bar has been set so high, hence expectations for the next version are even more. I am pretty sure Apple will fulfill all the features that are expected from it. There are a lot of technical aspects that Apple has been working on, for quite some time now.

When should we expect it to be in the market?

It is expected to be launched around September 2017, as per the rumors. So the iPhone 8 will be in the market for sale in mid of September. Will this rumor be true?

Well, I think most likely as the schedule for release is followed by Apple in the same pattern so in my opinion, if you are planning to get iPhone8 then plan your purchase according to this schedule, which will be the most likely one.

What are other rumored features most likely to be included in iPhone 8?

There are a lot of rumors going around about the iPhone 8. Which are the most likely ones to be included? To be honest you can only sure after it has been released.

But there are some features which experts are almost sure will be included based on what technologies Apple has been working on.

There are some technical aspects that Apple has been claiming to expand into.

So we can be positive that they will be included in the iPhone 8. Some of the features I think will be part of the iPhone 8 are:

  • The rumor that has been claimed with surety by the experts is that it will be designed with AMOLED display, which means that the screen will be curved.
  • They also say that because of this feature you will be able to fold your iPhone8 into the half. Apple has been working on this technology for some years now and people have been actually waiting for this feature to be included in the iPhone. So experts claim that iPhone 8 (with it being launched on the 10th anniversary) is most likely to have this feature.
  • Another design feature rumor that is most likely to come true is that the screen size will be larger than the previous models. Actually, they claim that Apple will launch three models and two of them will be with large screen size. This feature is most probably part of the iPhone 8 as this has been worked on for some time now. Another design feature I am pretty sure will come true is that now iPhone 8 will come in red color too, in addition to their typical colors.
  • Another feature that people claim but are not sure is that the design of the iPhone8 will be all glass, meaning that the front and back of the phone with the frame of stainless steel. I know it seems like the design of Samsung Galaxy Edge. Let’s see how Apple makes it unique. Since this has been done already by Samsung, so iPhone 8 probably will have that design.
  • The feature that I wish is included in iPhone8 is the wireless charging facility. Experts claim with surety that it will be included in the iPhone8. I am waiting for the launch eagerly to be sure of this feature.

If all the rumored features are included in the next iPhone then I think it is a good purchase and is most definitely a technology up gradation for you, no matter what phone you are using currently!