Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. The only problem we face with smartphones is that they suck battery power rapidly. Though charging with cable is a good solution, keeping phones aside makes many people uncomfortable and wireless charging works at a snail’s pace. For this reason, many device makers prefer to step back from the wireless technology.

However, Disney researchers have introduced a new version of Wireless Technology that will certainly change the future of wireless consumer technology.

Disney Researchers have invented wireless charging room.

Disney researchers have developed a room where you can juice up your device without connecting to any sort of cable. You just go in and sit or keep the device there and your phone will automatically be charged.

You can charge hundreds of devices by just keeping them in the room. So far, the only drawback experts have seen is that the room is made of metal; so you have to sit in that.

Currently, you can fully charge up your device by being in its range. It works best when you are just a few inches away. It means you can only take the advantage of this technology in a limited area. However, Disney is trying its best to increase the range. For that, they are consulting several new teams and many of them suggested new ideas to transmit power over a longer distance.

Unfortunately, all new suggestions failed due to some drawbacks. Although Disney’s volumetric power is not perfect yet, many industry leaders have shown their interest in this invention.

Disney researchers demonstrated the technology by creating a full-scale room made of aluminum panels. The room has a copper pole in the middle that helps current flow through the room smoothly 1.3 million times per second.

A series of capacitors are installed in the pole that confines the electric field and hinders electricity to interfere with other things in the room. This keeps people safe and allows them to walk around in the volumetric power room.

If you look outside the room, you will find a generator and power amplifier that run the power into the capacitors’ ring. The room is designed to push 1.9 kilowatts of power to devices. So, it is going to be costly if you were actually thinking of buying it.