The Google-owned robotic creators Boston Dynamics has released a Video of its latest Robot, ‘Handle .' Its ability has to be seen to be believed. It is a two-wheeled, four-legged hybrid robot and can lift 100 pounds and can jump four feet.

The robot making company had earlier made the terrifying giraffe bot, a robodog, Spot. Its latest creation, ‘Handle’ is almost six-feet tall and can travel at a speed of nine miles per hour. It can climb stairs or crawl on hills.

Well balanced in smooth and uneven surfaces

The company has released a clip which shows it lifting weights, spinning and then stopping quickly, descends stairs, and jump over obstacles three-feet high.

It features legs as well as wheels. This according to the manufacturer is to give the better of the two worlds.

Wheels are perfect for flat and even surfaces while legs will be suitable for uneven surfaces. The robot uses the same dynamics, balance and mobile operation principles seen in any four-legged or two-legged robots.

Aim is to create a robot which is cheap but has significant capabilities

When asked why the robot was named ‘Handle,' the company founder Marc Raibart said the name is synonymous with the job it can do by handling tasks and objects. It is much more efficient than any two-legged robot.

Marc said that the debut of a nightmare-inducing robot is an experiment of combining wheels with legs to create a dynamic system which can balance itself on any surface by throwing its weight to achieve this.

The final goal is to build a humanoid like product which has less freedom of movement but has significant capabilities with less cost

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The most famous robotic company on the internet, Boston Dynamics is up for sale, but it has doggedly continued with its innovations and ‘Handle’ is the latest product from the robotic company.

Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google X in 2013, for an unknown price and in 2016 it was revealed that Google wants to sell the company. Toyota and Amazon were the interested parties.