For some reason, a lot of people are having trouble visualizing the applications of VR technology apart from the field of gaming. The fact is, by adding on a few accessories, virtual reality can go an astronomical way in making our reality a lot more interesting. A great example of the versatility hidden beneath this technology is the recently launched oculus app “Tilt Brush” that manages to open up a fascinating new mode of expression for creatively inclined individuals around the world.

Express yourself freely

Tilt Brush” has been around for a little while now, but you may not have heard about it or used it so far because it was only available for the HTC Vive headset.

Now the app makers have opened it up for Oculus users as well, and I have to say that it is about time.

The wonderful app acts like a three-dimensional painting tool, allowing users to literally paint in thin air and express themselves without any physical restrictions. You can use a whole range of abstract tools to paint in this realm, including light and even music. Zooming in and out of your work allows you to place fine touches or even make changes to the design at large.

The possibilities within this world are almost limitless, and this makes “Tilt Brush” one of the most unique tools ever created for artists. The infinite availability of space inside your virtual world makes this app even more exciting, as the headset tracks your movement while creating your work, allowing others to peer in and out of layers that you have created using the space around you.

Finer details

In order to shuffle through the features of the app, you will need to use the Oculus touch motion controllers which will also act like your virtual paintbrush. If you already own one of these controllers, then all you will need to get started is the app itself, and it is expected to cost you 30 dollars. This is a poultry sum compared to the truly unbelievable things one can craft inside the virtual world using “Tilt Brush”. If you don’t believe, take a look at the amazing video below: