Summons of the franchise's sixth game:

Some people would argue that "Final Fantasy VII" had the best summons in the series. They may even say that this was the game that made them glorious. I would be one of those people if I didn't just recently play "Final Fantasy VI" on steam again. The game not only has the wonderful and charming Carbuncle summon, but also has a unique system based around the summons. Combine the summon "tree" in "FF6" with tons of other awesome ideas, and you have the recipe for a masterpiece.

Carbuncle summons ruby light:

Carbuncle will cast the awesome looking ruby light on all allies when summoned for 36 MP (magic points).

It may seem a little cost- heavy, but to have it on all allies is rather useful. Remember, once an ally reflects a spell, the aura will be depleted. Ruby light will cast the reflect spell on all allies in Carbuncle glory! For the game's time, the lighting effects were very well done, and although the summon does not have an actual frame by frame animation, the artwork is still very pleasing to the eye.

Certain spells will be learned and acquired by the particular character that uses or equips the Carbuncle summon on the battlefield. It will take some time to learn these spells, so farming will be necessary. The spells that can be learned are: Reflect, Haste, Protect, Shell, and Teleport (also known as Warp).

Reflect will do just as ruby light does, except it will only by cast on one ally at a time. Once again this will reflect one elemental spell back at an enemy. Haste will speed up a character's ATB (active time battle) gauge. This allows the enchanted character to make commands and inputs faster. Protect will increase the defense of one ally.

Shell will increase the magic defense of one ally at a time. Finally, Teleport will warp the entire party out of a dangerous battle.

Conclusively, these are all excellent spells to learn, and you may want to use or learn with Carbuncle on many of the playable characters in "Final Fantasy 6." The charm of Carbuncle can be found in many games later in the series, but this is one not to miss him in.