Holy aura of Kirin:

Kirin is one of the first summons or espers you will acquire in the main story of "FFVI." The player will acquire Kirin, along with Ramuh and a few others listed below in this article. Holy aura is a great ability that is cast for 18 magic points (MP) when Kirin is summoned. This ability will grant a regeneration of hit points for the entire current party being used. You can also learn several other spells if you equip Kirin. Cure is the first spell you can acquire that is a weak, but still potent healing spell. Next would be the stronger version of Cure called Cura. Next up is Regen which is the same spell Kirin cast when summoned, except it will only be applied to one party member at a time or per cast.

Poisona will cure poison status ailment on one party member, and finally, Scan will analyze a target's weak points and attributes.

Lunatic Voice of Siren:

Lunatic Voice was formerly known as Hope Song in the Super Nintendo version of "'Final Fantasy VI." When Siren is summoned she will cast this ability. Lunatic Voice has the ability to silence all enemies on screen with a 136% hit chance. The skill cost 16 mp and will silence all casting enemies from casting spells. When equipped, you can learn some nice spells as well. Sleep, Silence, Slow, and Fire abilities can all be learned from Siren. Finally, when you level up you will gain a +10% HP or hit point bonus to maximum hit points!

Cait Sith and Cat Rain:

Cait Sith is a classic character appearing in very early "Final Fantasy" games.

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This is the character's first appearance as a summoned creature. For the magic point cost of 28 MP you can summon Cait Sith to cast Cat Rain on all enemies with a 128% chance to hit all enemies. This ability will confuse all opponents, making them attack either the party or each other with a random percentage chance. You will gain +1 to Magic when you level up with Cait Sith equipped. Players can also learn the Confuse spell as well as the Imp spell, and then finally, Float spell.