The reveal of “Injustice 2“ was unexpected and equally exciting among fans. With the recent story trailer we now know loads more info and have every reason in the world to get stupid excited for the next entry into this surprise blockbuster series.

Injustice: Gods Among Us” was a fighting game set inside the DC Universe. In it, the Joker tricked Superman into killing his wife, Lois Lane, and their unborn child. This causes Superman to lose his mind and become the tyrannical monster Batman was always afraid he’d become. Thus causing hero to fight hero and villain to work on the side of angels.

A powerful story for the masses

It was such a good title, and successful story; DC Comics explored more of this alternate universe in a comic book series. After all, when you have so many heroes showing their sides of grey, fans can often relate a lot more than they are willing to admit.

Injustice 2” seems to be picking up the story where the first game left off. In the trailer we often see a Superman chained in seclusion, with shots of other prominent DC heroes. Wonder Woman, Batman, Bane to name a few are showcased in the trailer. It is the inclusion of Supergirl that has many fans excited for what’s in store.

She is an interesting character, and her feelings about how her cousin has behaved are rumored to be at the forefront of the overarching storyline.

There are other hints of allegiances not being as they appear, nor holding true to how they were in the first game either. Robin (not entirely sure which one) is seen squaring off with Batman as the ominous narrator delivers the line “as offspring turns to adversary.” Many would claim this means Damian, but should take note - two of the other Robins are also legally Batman’s offspring.

What’s in store for the DC Universe?

The narrator (check out the video below for the reveal) seems heavy on exploring the duality of the heroes and even some of the villains. This may lead to the overarching theme of the game, but without a doubt, having a potential main villain this time around, may shape the outcome of who remains villain and who can continue on as hero.

Injustice 2” is set to release this year.