There's a lot of websites and apps out there that claim they'll "boost your followers" on Instagram, many of which provide fake users that will have zero interaction with your account. Likestagram isn't one of those sites. The service can help you generate meaningful relationships with new users and help you keep and stay social with your friends and family. If you're like I am, then you simply don't have time to "like" every one of your friends posts on Instagram. Likestagram solves this problem by "liking" photos for you.

Setting up your Likestagram account

You'll first need to create an account at and connect your Instagram account.

You'll also need to buy a package of likes. At the time of this article's publication, they're available in the following quantities: 25,000 for $9.99, 125,000 for $34.99, and 250,000 for $49.99.

How to use Likestagram

The service offers several advanced settings to choose from, such as specific hashtags and users that you want to target, how many likes you want to make an hour, and users and hashtags that you want to blacklist. Liking photos from a specific hashtag can help you gain followers if your account is relevant. I created a new account just to test the hashtag targeting. After uploading nine Star Wars memes, I set Likestagram to like all Star Wars posts. Two years and 100,000 likes later, the account has 3,918 followers who all love Star Wars. Each of the posts to the account have received thousands of likes and in some cases hundreds of comments.

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Save time with Likestagram

One of the most useful settings is "like your personal news feed." This option will simply like every post that appears in your feed from the people you follow. So if you follow 350 people, and they all post one image a day, you'll like 350 images a day if you have the hourly timer set to 20. Liking all of your friends posts for a full year for just $35 is completely worth it. Previously I was liking photos for a good half hour a day. Over the course of a year that adds up to 168 hours, or seven full days spent on Instagram liking pictures. When you consider the amount of time you'll save each day, this writer fully recommends the service.