Superman is getting a new suit -- sort of. It’s a new suit that looks a lot like his original suit, but without the red trunks. Yes, this is still an issue, apparently.

So what is exactly new about the suit?

At first glance, you’d be hard-pressed to know exactly what is different about “The Last Son of Krypton’s” new duds. After all, with the exception of the re-design he went through post-“Flashpoint," there’s not a lot that changes when it comes to Superman or his suit. For example, does he still have a red cape? Check. Is his costume predominately blue?

Check. What about the “S” shield emblazoned on his chest, is it still red and yellow, and does it still look like an “S”? Check. So you see, whenever Clark goes through a big costume change, those things are hard to see past, especially when they are still the same.

During the recent “Rebirth” story arc, Superman has been wearing a suit that looks more like a onesie with a cape than anything else. This particular change was to continue honing the costume to represent the theatrical costume. No boots, one solid body color, and it even got rid of the Superman curl (yes, I know it has been years since this went away, but I’m still upset about it).

Is the costume really different, or more of the same?

Now we’ve added back the traditional red boots, gotten rid of the weird cuffs around the wrists, and added more of a full red belt, instead of the redundant half belt. Even though these changes are minimal, I do wonder if these subtle adjustments aren’t DC’s way to get Superman back into his original (red trunks included) costume.

After all, this is now the Superman readers knew before the events of “Flashpoint” changed things across the board for DC.

Only time will tell if the red trunks are forever gone, or if one day they will make a triumphant return. I for one will always champion the classic look over anything they produce, but then again, I’ve been a fan of Superman for many years, and hate change.

Fans can anticipate this new costume to debut this April. Just in time for fans to discover who exactly the other Clark Kent is that's been running around.