We love taking out pets out for a walk. But if you have to walk your dog and shop at the same time, usually you have to leave the dog outside the store to go inside or wait until the walk is over. A small tech startup, Boyce Technologies, wants to help you say goodbye to fretting about doing the shopping after walking the dog. The company is launching Dog Parker, a solution that allows pet owners to shop and walk at the same time.

100 Dog Parker houses

The tech company is only placing 100 of their Dog Parker housing units on the streets of the Brooklyn neighborhood in New York City.

These dog houses feature UV lighting that removes bacteria and pests from previous dogs who were in the unit when you place your pet inside. They also come with a webcam that is compatible with smartphones and wifi connected, so that users can check on their pets and make sure they are where they left them. There's also an air cooling system that helps keep the pet cool and makes sure they have plenty of fresh air.

Pricing plans

For pet owners in New York City, the Dog Parker houses are efficient and don't cost a lot of money. People can pay for a yearly plan with the Dog Parker that costs $20. If the pet owner is not interested in the plan, the solution is available for 20 cents per minute. The Dog Parker units will be placed in Brooklyn because the neighborhood has shown the highest rates in animal theft crimes during the past few years.

If the units are successful this year, the company is hoping to expand to other neighborhoods or around the country. At least now you know your dog is right where you left them and that they are safe and secure.

No one likes it when their dogs go missing or have been stolen. Our animals are just like our own human children and family members and play a big part in our development and growth as a person.

Losing someone like a pet or loved one leaves a big hole in your hear that is hard to replace. Thanks to this idea from Boyce Technology, the small tech startup founded in New York, now we can enjoy two of the most essential things in life, doing our shopping and walking our precious pooches.