James Bond fans will get a chance to fulfill their dreams with the announcement of the Aston Martin AM-RB 001. Teaming up with Red Bull racing, the British luxury carmaker is bringing the world a futuristic "hypercar" in 2018.

Red Bull gives Aston Martin "hypercar" wings

For many, Aston Marin has been known as James Bond's choice vehicle and nothing more. Fans of the international spy will now get a taste of fantasy with the release of the AM-RB 001. The concept car was deceived by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing who have just revealed they will make 99-150 road versions of the "hypercar" and 25 race-track versions as soon as 2018.

A car worthy of James Bond

The AM-RB 001 may have "001" in its name but it's more fit for "007." Astron Martin has fit the vehicle with a lightweight carbon fiber structure coupled with a V12 engine and customized transmission. It is a mid-engined two-passenger and with its lightweight design, Aston Martin hopes to bring a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio. The vehicle will be constructed in a specially designed factory for Aston Martin's first hypercar, the One-77. At the moment, the cost has not been revealed but it's safe to say it will be more expensive than a Honda Accord.

Red Bull: a Newey hope.

For those wondering who the genius is behind this outrageous automobile, look no further than F1 legend Adrian Newey.

Newey has designed 10 championship winning F1 cars throughout his career and now joins forces with Red Bull Racing for the AM-RB 001. Regarding his thoughts on the car, Newey said that he's always had "the desire to design a road car." That desire is soon to become a reality and an impressive one at that.

With Newey at the helm, Red Bull Racing boss Christiann Horner says this car symbolizes the teams commitment to groundbreaking innovation.

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They've always been at the forefront of such developments in Forumal One but want to bring their winning ways from the track to the road. It will be interesting ot see where the relationship of Newey and Red Bull go after this. Perhaps James Bond "hypercars" will become the new norm.