On the last season of House of Cards, the President was seen playing a game on his phone called Agar.io. Fans flocked to see if the game was real and found out it was. Soon schools and work places had to block the site to keep students and employees from playing during school/work hours, but they found a way around it using private servers.

New game in town

Schools and employers better get ready, because there is a new game in town and it is called slither.io. Based on the same main concept of eating circles to grow larger, slither.io has a very similar feel to Agar.io. The goal of the game is to get as long as you can and be the biggest worm.

Unlike Agar.io where you have to be bigger to eat someone smaller than you, the goal in slither.io is to have an opponent worm's head run into the body of your worm. When this happens, the other worm will explode into several glowing circles that you can now eat. It changes the game when a brand new player can destroy the biggest worm in the game.

How to grow

When you first enter the game arena of slither.io you are 10 length. There are two ways to grow in slither.io. The first is to eat the little glowing circles that cover the game area. There are two different sizes of circles, small and large. The small circles will earn you 0.1-5 in length, while the large circles will earn you 5-20 in length. There are also glowing circles that move across the arena unlike the other circles that stay stationary.

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The moving circles will earn you anywhere from 60-100 in length, but they are harder to catch and require you to boost.

The second way to grow in slither.io is to eat your opponents. In order to do this you must kill them by making their head run into your side. The Ultimate Guide to Slither.io, How to Play offers two different techniques. The first is "The Cutoff" which is exactly as it sounds. Boost yourself to cut off a larger worm so they run into your side and eat what is left of them. The second technique is "The Boa Constrictor" where you wrap yourself around smaller worms, trapping them in your circle until they are forced to run in to you as there is no way out.

What do you think of slither.io? Will you be playing? Leave your feedback in the comments below.