Personal development is easier said than done. That is one of the prime reasons why enforcing New Year’s resolutions take more than just one year. With the advent of new mobile appsthat are able to monitor your personal habits, routines and goals, these apps not only assist you, they are designed to supplement your self-improvement desires.

Many software development companies, like Intellectsoft, create self-improvement apps. So let us explore a few of these well-designed apps which are ready to guide you in your journey of self-improvement.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer belongs to a new generation of workout apps which get you moving and grooving with its interactive interface. The intuitive features help you choose from a variety of available workouts on the basis of your current requirements. Simply add your favorite music to any workout regimen and begin burning the extra calories. Available for iOSx and Android.

Einstein TM Brain Trainer HD

EBT is an extremely popular application whose sole purpose is to train your brain for complex calculative work with intense logical deductions. This challenges your memory, thinking, logic and reasoning. This is free game cum training app for all Android devices.


This app understands the value of organization in preserving mental peace.

This helps you organize your personal as well as professional life with minimal time. TEMPO is a wonderful way to consolidate all your professional and personal details on your phone or tablet. This app is compatible with Android.


This is a unique goal setting app which helps track your progress and establish your core values as well.

This is a unique interactive application which uses a smart, personalized goal setting method with more achievable asymptotes. Compatible for both iPhone and Android devices.


This is a wonderfully designed app which helps people learn new languages. This is a free app which lets you choose between French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian language lessons.

Each lesson takes on about 10 minutes and is followed by tests and interactive sessions which make sure that you retain your day’s lesson. This is compatible with all latest Android and iPhone devices.


This is a free app meant for all Android users who want to get a grip on their spending. This application helps budget personal finances with the help of integration of several pathways. They keep complete track of your finances by organizing your investments, accounts and bills. It gives unique solutions to save money and cut costs in sticky situations.

Office Yoga

This is one of the most compact yoga mobile apps which guide you through complete sessions. It has 75 pre-loaded sessions which have been designed for various situations throughout the day.

This is also available for both iPhones and Android phones.


Just as the name states, using this app helps you boost your overall personality by helping you implement small changes, like brushing your teeth every night before going to bed, eating fresh juice or fruits every morning with breakfast. This is mainly designed for iPhone users but a new Android version might soon be on its way.


This is a brilliant collection of brain games which teases your brain, trains you to think better, think logically and give you a serious brain workout. The free trial version of the application has 5 sessions and the pro version costs a mere $9.99 per year with regular upgrades. Now you can improve your observation skills, boost your memory and keep your gray matter well worked out by simple spending time on your phone.


This is an excellent meditation app. In the chaotic world working out is simply not enough. So, this app has arrived complete with time settings and music to help you meditate. The free version has limited features, however, paid version allows you to save your progress and compare it with other community members. Compatible with iOSx devices currently.