Cornerback Richard Sherman was known as a close rival for quarterback Tom Brady during their tenure with the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, respectively. Sherman bested Brady in 2012 when he led the Seahawks over the Patriots. However, Brady got his revenge and led the Patriots to a close win over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. But unknown to many, Brady and Sherman buried their beef a long time ago, with the quarterback even sending the cornerback a signed jersey. Last season, Brady got a chance to play with Sherman when he encouraged the cornerback to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after their secondary was depleted due to injuries.

Sherman saw limited action with the Buccaneers due to various injuries, but he helped coach the young secondary.

During his latest podcast, Sherman showered Brady with praises as he recalled their battles against each other and being teammates with the Buccaneers. “This man is the grim reaper that continues to reap and uh but it's not enough positive things you can say,” Sherman said, per transcription of the YouTube video of his podcast. “It's something about playing against him and competing against him and knowing what he's going to bring out of you and knowing what it's going to require to ever get him beat,” he added.

Sherman admires Brady’s preparation

As a teammate, Sherman said he admired Brady and his preparation every day and the way he treats his teammates and staff in the building “There’s something to be said about being his teammate and seeing him work every day and to see how he treats the staff in the building and see how he treats his teammate, to see how he treats the people who can do nothing for him you know and that's really the true testament of a person you know,” he said.

“That's who he was, that's who he truly was he's a guy who did everything he could to help his teammates outstanding teammates never big time never too busy for anybody. He treated the staff outstanding and he prepared his butt off you know he prepared his butt off,” Sherman added. According to Sherman, Brady spent his travel time by studying their next opponent or watching the game he just played.

"He's a perfectionist, he's, he's one of those teammates that's once in a lifetime, once in a generation and he's a once-in-a-generation talent too," he said, adding Brady deserves all the praises in the world.

Sherman also reacted to Brady’s next career move as a broadcaster after his playing career is over. Just recently, Brady signed a 10-year deal worth $375 million with Fox Sports to be their No.

1 football analyst after he retires as a player, per the New York Post. “To do something he's not even doing yet you know that's how you the the dote of the goat,” said Sherman. This season, Sherman won’t be back with the Buccaneers as he is preparing himself for a possible career in broadcasting, per Michael Baca of