Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady recently announced his comeback following a short retirement. Brady’s return would address the Buccaneers’ need for a signal-caller this season as he is under contract with the team for one year. On Monday, Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht faced the media and addressed Brady’s contract situation. According to Licht, the Buccaneers plan to address Brady’s contact situation when the right time comes. “We’ll get to that when we get to it,” Licht said, adding they are focused on what the team needs and what it needs to do to boost their campaign for the upcoming season.

When asked if the Buccaneers would extend Brady’s contract to create more cap space to sign key players. “We have some work to do, and we’ve got some plans,” Licht said, adding there are several ways to do it. Licht is also confident that the Buccaneers would be able to bring back some key players who have turned free agents. Brady would earn a base salary of $8.925 million in 2022, in addition to a roster bonus of $1.47 million. Brady’s current cap number is $20.27 million, but it could be reduced if he signs a contract extension. Light also downplayed rumors about friction between Brady and coach Bruce Arians last season, saying people should not always believe what they see, read and heard.

“Brady has loved his time here. And he’s told me that several times. Open communication is great thing,” he said.

Licht thanks Brady for helping bring back players

In a separate report by USA Today, Licht thanked Brady for helping the team bring back free agents such as wide receiver Chris Godwin, cornerback Carlton Davis III, wide receiver Russell Gage and guard Shaq Mason via trade with the New England Patriots.

“Well, it certainly helped,” Licht when asked how Brady’s presence enticed some players to sign with the Buccaneers. Licht said many players would want to play with Brady, considering he’s the greatest quarterback of all-time. The general manager said he would take advantage of Brady’s presence with the team to recruit more players, whether on offense or defense.

The Buccaneers have yet to sign tight end Rob Gronkowski, running back Leonard Fournette and defensive player Ndamukong Suh and Jason Pierre-Paul. The Buccaneers already lost some players to free agency, including tight end OJ Howard.

Godwin says Brady texted him before announcing comeback

In a report by Sports Illustrated, Godwin said Brady’s return to the Buccaneers helped him cement his own situation with the team. Before he signed a new three-year deal with the Buccaneers, Godwin said Brady informed him and fellow wideout Mike Evans that he would return to the team. “It’s hard to walk away from the game when you’re as dedicated as Tom is,” said Godwin. With Brady leading the way, the Buccaneers will go for their second Super Bowl win in three years. In his first year, Brady led the Buccaneers to their first Super Bowl win since 2002.