This year’s Royal Rumble is down in the record books as it featured some surprising returns that include Carlito and the Rated R Superstar Edge. Albeit the event is done and over with, many things happened within the WWE universe, including Lars Sullivan getting fired and the reason behind Rey and Dominik Mysterio’s missing in action status.

The Freak gets fired

Keen Wrestling fans muse about the absence of Sullivan in the ring for months, and it may well seem that it has been answered. PWInsider’s Mike Johnson first broke the story revealing that Lars Sullivan – Dylan Miley in real life – is no longer part of the sports entertainment company.

He noted that The Freak was “quietly released last month,” and WWE themselves confirmed this.

For the uninitiated, Sullivan was in hot water a couple of years back after several of his message board posts before signing to the WWE surfaced online. This prompted the company to fine Sullivan $100,000 with the wrestler releasing an official statement addressing the situation.

Sullivan noted no excuse for the remarks that he made way back, adding that these no longer reflect his personal beliefs and what he is today. He went to apologize to the people whom he offended.

In June 2019 – about a month after the incident, Sullivan required surgery after severely injuring his knee eventually sidelining him for the remainder of the said year.

In October of 2020, however, The Freak made a comeback during an installment of Friday Night Smackdown where he attacked The Miz, Matt Riddle, and Jeff Hardy. Who would have thought that this appearance of his in the blue brand would be the last time we’d see him brawling inside a WWE ring.

Meltzer as to why the WWE superstar got axed

On the other hand, Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer shed some light behind the now-former WWE wrestler's firing. He debunks rumors about the company not having any plans with Sullivan’s in-ring career, adding that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was eager for a push. However, Sullivan allegedly no-showed during a TV taping.

Mysterios vs. the 'rona

Meanwhile, the wrestling father and son tandem of Rey and Dominik Mysterio has recently revealed the reason behind their disappearance in the WWE spotlight. A recent interview in Chris Cavallini’s Start Today Podcast revealed that both of them, including Rey’s wife – Angie Gutierrez – tested positive for the coronavirus. They were left with no choice but to quarantine themselves for the next few days. Thankfully, the family appears to have already recovered. During their bout with the sickness, Rey revealed that only his daughter Aalyah remained negative and was the one who took care of them, to which he is thankful.

The Fiend MIA

Another WWE superstar has been observed to be missing action after his recent in-ring altercation with The Viper Randy Orton.

Bray Wyatt’s darker persona – The Fiend has not been seen since last year’s TLC, and fans have been wondering why.

Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez claims that The Fiend could be sporting a new look in his in-return. However, as of writing, WWE has yet to confirm such claims, but this one is quite plausible since he was set on fire by Orton.