At 7-5, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t where they expect themselves to be in the NFL standing. Despite this, the ownership is sure on what they want next season, per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. In his piece for PFT, Florio said the Buccaneers ownerships wants to ensure that veteran quarterback Tom Brady will remain part of the team next season. In fact, Florio said ensuring Brady’s return in 2021 is a bigger objective for the organization over its desire to end their 13-year postseason drought, which began in 2007.

“The Buccaneers ultimately want to be sure that quarterback Tom Brady chooses to return for 2021,” Florio said.

The Buccaneers look like they have a clear path to the postseason as they face three teams with records below .500 in their next four games. They are scheduled to face the Minnesota Vikings next week and the Atlanta Falcons on the road the following week. They will next tackle the Detroit Lions on the road before their season-finale at home, which will feature a rematch with the Falcons.

Bucs see Brady as crucial piece of financial future

According to Florio, there’s been a growing sense in league circles in recent weeks that the Buccaneers ownership considers Brady’s return next season as an important piece of their financial future. The Buccaneers are hoping that the pandemic would subside next year, which will allow the return of fans to Raymond James Stadium.

“Fans who fill the stadium will be there not to see (head coach Bruce) Arians coach but to see Brady play.” Florio stressed. However, Florio said it’s up to Brady to decide on whether he wants to stay with the Buccaneers or not next season. Technically, Florio said Brady is under contract with the Buccaneers next season, but that doesn’t stop him from asking for a trade or release or deciding to retire.

It would be easy for Brady to leave considering that he didn’t receive any signing bonus from the $25 million salary that he received in 2020.

Scout says Bucs should capitalize on Brady’s skill set

Also, crucial to Brady’s decision to stay will be his desire to remain as Arians’ “pincushion for criticism” regarding the offense’s inconsistent performance in the first 12 games of this season.

Arians has criticized Brady several times during his post-game press conference following their losses. However, some analysts slammed Arians for his failure to adjust to their opponents’ system that will help Brady perform better. Florio is hoping that the ownership has expressed to Arians its desire to bring Brady back next season so he could make adjustments to his coaching style to fit the veteran quarterback’s skill set. Brady's former New England Patriots teammate Rob Ninkovich said the veteran quarterback needs a new coach as Arians failed to capitalize on his skill set.

Earlier, former NFL player and scout Bucky Brooks said in his article on that the Buccaneers should capitalize on Brady’s ability to complete short and intermediate passes rather than go for deep throws.

Brooks emphasized that Brady remains one of the NFL's best passers when it comes to intermediate passes or 10-19 air yards, owning a completion percentage of 66.7 percent, goof for second in the league. Brady also averaged 11.2 yards per intermediate pass with nine touchdowns and a passer rating of 123.1.