Hall of Fame defensive end and current Fox Sports football analyst Howie Long is tired of hearing criticisms thrown at Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. It comes after their back-to-back losses to the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs. The 43-year-old Brady threw for a combined five touchdowns and four interceptions in their close losses to the Rams and the Chiefs. In both of those games, the Buccaneers had the chance to win the game but miscues by Brady due to miscommunication with his wide receivers blew their chances.

But Long said in an interview with Rich Eisen on the “Rich Eisen Show” said that Brady has not fallen of the cliff, contrary to claims by various analysts who are critical of the veteran quarterback.

“People say well you know week to week, it is fodder on TV that has Tom Brady fallen off a cliff. It’s minute by minute almost. It’s a joke,” said Long, adding that Brady looks good to him. Long insisted that the Buccaneers need to gather in one room and address what they need to do to get things right. “This is the team that can win the whole thing,” added Long as transcribed by the author from the YouTube video of the show.

Coaches should adjust to Brady’s style

From the start, Long said the coaches are aware of Brady’s style of play and they should have made the necessary changes when they signed him to a two-year deal worth $50 million in the offseason. “You have to adapt to him. You have to adapt the passing game to him.

It would certainly help your offensive line out to run the football or run play action pass,” he said. Long also echoed the claim of a Pro Football Focus analyst, saying that Brady needs a reliable running back who can catch the ball on screen pass plays. Earlier, PFF’s Eric Eager said in an interview on CBS Sports Radio that Brady needs a pass-catching running back to serve as his security blanket, like James White during his time with the New England Patriots.

Brady hires new real estate agent

Months before he left the Patriots after a two-decade stay in New England, Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen placed their Brookline home on the market in August 2019 for $39.5 million. The house has failed to attract buyers so Brady and his wife dropped the price to $33.9 million after two months.

Despite this, the house drew little or no interest because of its hefty pricetag. Now, Brady has hired a new real estate agent in Maggie Gold Seelig to sell the house, per a report by Catherine Carlock of the Boston Business Journal. According to Carlock, Seelig is selling Brady’s property privately off market. When he signed with the Buccaneers, Brady rented the home of former New York Yankees and now Miami Marlins executive Derek Jeter.