After a dismal loss to Northwestern last weekend, Nebraska Huskers fans are starting to lose patience with the team’s head coach, Scott Frost. Now in his third year with the Huskers, coach Frost is yet to prove that he can make the team competitive in the Big Ten. Nebraska started its 2020 season by losing its opening game against the Ohio State Buckeyes, and its latest loss to Northwestern led fans to question Coach Frost’s tactics. The Huskers head coach used Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey at the quarterback position in the team’s first two outings, but he may be forced to name a permanent starter ahead of next Saturday’s game against Penn State.

Martinez has struggled in his third year with the Huskers

According to 247 Sports, coach Frost refused to answer questions about Nebraska’s quarterback controversy in his latest interview. However, he admitted that the players involved would have to compete in practice this week for the right to start Saturday’s game against Penn State. Martinez was Nebraska’s unquestioned starter, at the quarterback position, in his first two seasons on the team, but Scott Frost has grown frustrated with his play in these first two games. The third-year head coach has urged Martinez to be more accurate on his throws and process information quickly when he is under center. During Saturday’s loss against Northwestern, Martinez rushed for 102 yards on 13 carries, but he only completed 12-of-27 passes for 125 yards.

The quarterback’s struggles forced Frost to turn to McCaffrey in the second half in an attempt to win the game.

McCaffery could start against Penn State

Frost has praised the redshirt freshman for his likable personality. Frost feels that McCaffrey exudes a lot of energy and passion which makes his teammates rally around him.

During his brief cameo against Northwestern, McCaffrey picked up the pace of the Husker’s offense, and his head coach thinks that he can operate the playbook at a higher tempo than Martinez. Despite the high praise he has given McCaffery in his press conferences, Scott Frost has refused to name him as his starter. However, that could change in next Saturday’s game against Penn State.

The Huskers will be under pressure to win the game, especially since the Nittany Lions currently have a 0-3 record. Coach Frost could be forced to ditch his dual quarterback system and select a permanent starter at quarterback. After losing his first two games, the third-year head coach is under pressure to deliver, and a win at home against Penn State would help him silence his doubters. Nevertheless, choosing between McCaffery and Martinez will not be easy. Some fans have speculated that Coach Frost will name Martinez as the starter and use McCaffery as a wide receiver on the offense. If Coach Frost remains defiant about his dual quarterback system, he could find himself under the hot seat as the season progresses.