For the second straight week, the Nebraska college football team was involved in a match officiating controversy. The Huskers put up a fight in Friday’s game against Iowa, but a contentious call during the fourth quarter gave the Hawkeyes the momentum in their 26-20 win over Nebraska. Iowa players appeared to have jumped into a false start position as they kicked a field goal to go up by three points. However, the match officials did not penalize the Hawkeyes, which led to an intense argument between Huskers head coach, Scott Frost, and a sideline match official.

Coach Frost blasted the match officials for failing to penalize Iowa for a false start

Cameras recorded the intense moment as Scott Frost confronted the ref and angrily demanded an explanation for the missed false start penalty. The ref stood his ground and tried to explain the third-year head coach's decision, but Coach Frost was not satisfied with the clarification. As the match official walked away, the Huskers head coach furiously followed him and very nearly hurled a nasty insult at the ref before stopping himself and returning to the sidelines. The controversial field goal gave Iowa a 23-20 lead early in the fourth quarter, and Nebraska did not put up any points on the scoreboard to mount a comeback.

According to 247 Sports, Frost said, "Did he move or did he not move?." Tell me, did he move? Bulls--t. Can you tell me, did he move or did he not move? You mother..."

Nebraska will end the season with a losing record for the third year under Coach Frost

Nebraska Huskers will end the season with a losing record for the third consecutive season under Coach Frost even if the team wins its two remaining games against Purdue and Minnesota.

A section of fans has now called for Coach Frost’s resignation, arguing that the team has regressed under his tenure. Huskers’ fans have pointed to the ongoing controversy at the quarterback position as one of the reasons why Coach Frost should lose his job.

After handing the quarterback-starting job to Luke McCaffery in the last two games, Scott Frost named Adrian Martinez as the starter during Friday’s game against Iowa.

However, the third-year head coach inserted McCaffery into the game after Iowa took a 10-0 lead in the first quarter. The redshirt freshman gave the offense a spark, but Nebraska had to settle for two field goals on his first two drives. In another puzzling move, Coach Frost pulled McCaffery from the lineup and put in Martinez for the rest of the game. Fans have slammed the Frost for destabilizing the team’s offense by making frequent changes at the quarterback position. Even though the third-year head coach has insisted that he has faith in both Martinez and McCaffery, it is clear that he does not trust them to operate the offense in all four quarters, and the Huskers may have to recruit a quarterback next year. It will be interesting to see whether Coach Frost retains his job in the offseason after Nebraska's three disappointing years.