Huskers' fans are counting down the days before their team takes the field for its first game of the season. After a prolonged period of uncertainty regarding the 2020 football season's status in the Big Ten, many fans were relieved after the Power 5 conference announced that it would start its season on October 24. While Nebraska players and coaches have expressed their determination to get onto the field for the 2020 season, the team is also keen on improving its talented roster. It recently made a walk-on scholarship offer to Jake Parella.

Husker's target hopes to follow his dad's example

The talented player logged onto Twitter to announce the news about Nebraska's offer, and he thanked the team's coaching staff for allowing him to play for his father's old team. Jake's dad, John Parella, served as the Huskers' defensive line coach from 2016 and 2017, but the team's current coach, Scott Frost, did not retain him on the coaching staff when he took over in 2018. In addition to his coaching stint for the Huskers, John made himself a household name on Nebraska's defense when he played for the team in 1992 as a walk-on after Colorado's transfer. The Buffalo Bills drafted him in 1993, and he went on to play 12 seasons in the NFL. The former Husker will hope that his son follows a similar path if he accepts the team's walk-on offer.

Overall, the Huskers are favorites to land the talented player since his dad was a coach on the team from 2016-2017.

Nebraska will face Ohio State in its first game of the season

Jake can play at the linebacker and tight end positions, and he would be a useful addition to Nebraska's roster next year.

Given his father's legacy with the Huskers, many analysts feel that Jake will commit to the team in the coming weeks. For now, many fans are looking forward to the return of Big Ten football on October 24. In August, pundits were skeptical about the conference's chances of holding sports in the fall after the Big Ten commissioner, Kevin Warren, postponed the season.

Nebraska was the first team to oppose the decision, and its players filed a lawsuit against the Big Ten after the announcement. Coach Frost suggested that Nebraska would play teams outside the conference if the Big Ten stuck by its decision. In a recent interview, Frost declared that his team would be willing to play football in Uzbekistan to show their commitment to play in 2020. It is still unclear whether the Nebraska football players withdrew their lawsuit against the Big Ten now that the season is only two weeks away. The Huskers will face Ohio State in its first game of the season, and it will be interesting to see how the two teams perform after a long offseason.