While critics are ready to write off Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady following their Week 1 loss, sports analyst Tony Romo is overwhelming with confidence that the veteran quarterback will bounce back strong and will lead the team to success. In his first game with Tampa Bay, the 43-year-old Brady completed 23 of 36 passes for 239 yards and two touchdowns but had two interceptions, including a pick-six, in their 34-23 loss to the New Orleans Saints. The performance was far from the usual numbers Brady has put up during his 20-year stint with the New England Patriots, prompting critics to declare his venture outside Foxborough as a failure.

But former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current CBS Sports analyst Tony Romo said it's wrong to base Brady's fate on just a single game, especially with the pandemic affecting the NFL's regular schedule.

Romo says lack of preseason affected Brady

According to Romo, this season is a unique one because players didn't have the chance to be together all offseason and adjust to the system. "Right now, you're trying to adjust to your own system," said Romo, per a report by Patrik Walker of CBS Sports. The former quarterback said it is but natural for Brady, who played under one system for 20 years, to commit mistakes while adjusting to the system placed by Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians. Without preseason games, Romo said Brady didn't get the chance to test his mettle in a real-game situation where he can scrimmage against other teams.

For Romo, the Buccaneers' first four games will serve as a preseason for the team, particularly for Brady, as he tries to adapt to Arians' system. Brady, in an earlier interview, allayed worries by fans, saying it's still too early in the season.

Brady will do just fine, says Romo

According to Romo, he is convinced that Brady will return to the point that he knows what he can do and what the plays look like in various situations.

"That'll develop as the season goes on, and when it does, that's when you'll see the best version of Tom and the Buccaneers. I think he'll be fine. He's not average," Romo said. Calling Brady as "rare and special" and "will not go away with a whimper," Romo expects the veteran quarterback to bounce back very strong, and the Buccaneers will be just fine this season.

"He's going to come back very strong, and this season's going to be just fine for the Buccaneers," Romo said. Brady and the Buccaneers will try to bounce back from their opening-day loss to the Saints when they take on another NFC South rival, Carolina Panthers, in their home debut at Raymond James Stadium. Earlier, Arians expressed confidence that Brady will bounce back from their loss to the Saints and put them back on the winning track.