The past few weeks have been difficult for Nebraska football fans. Earlier this month, the Big Ten commissioner, Kevin Warren, announced that the conference would not play any sports in the fall. Nebraska’s coach, Scott Frost, was the leading voice of opposition to Commissioner Warren’s decision. Despite Coach Frost’s effort to overturn the pronouncement, the Big Ten conference has stuck to its resolution. While Husker’s fans are disappointed, they recently received some good news when Thomas Fidone committed to Nebraska.

Thomas grew up a Husker’s fan

The talented tight end prospect announced his intentions to join the Huskers on Wednesday. While explaining his decision, Thomas claimed that he felt at home during his visit to the Nebraska college campus. He added that he would not take any more visits to other college teams because he was happy with the Husker’s facilities. The 6-foot-5 225-pound tight end plays at Lewis Central High School in Iowa, and he grew up a Huskers fan. After announcing his decision to commit to Nebraska, many fans have expressed their excitement at seeing the four-star prospect join his home state college in 2021.

Thomas impressed by Nebraska’s coaching staff

In addition to the appeal of playing in his home state, Thomas is optimistic that the Husker’s coaching staff will help him improve his game.

According to 247Sports, Thomas ranks first among tight ends in the 2021 recruiting class. However, the talented player feels that playing for Nebraska will raise his game to another level, and he has stated that the team’s culture was a major reason why he decided to commit despite receiving offers from LSU, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas.

Thomas added that his conversation with the Husker’s tight end coach convinced him that Nebraska was his best option.

Thomas has revealed that the team’s tight ends coach, Sean Beckton, had sent him several video clips of how the team would utilize his skills. Thomas has admitted that Coach Sean’s pitch convinced him that Nebraska was the team best suited to utilize his athletic frame and speed in the passing game.

The Huskers do not have a lot of depth at the tight end position, and Thomas feels that he could be a useful contributor to the team’s offense in his first season. Adding the talented tight end to the 2021 roster will come as a relief to Coach Frost. In his two years with the Huskers, Coach Frost has never had a winning season, but analysts have praised him for his recruiting efforts. Nebraska’s past two recruiting classes have been ranked in the top 25 nationally during Coach Frost’s tenure, and adding the best tight end in the 2021 class is further proof that he could turn the Huskers into a college football powerhouse in the next few years.