The continued spread of the coronavirus in the United States could harm college football. This week, the Big Ten conference announced that it would postpone its football season due to the safety concerns of its student-athletes. However, some teams in the Big Ten conference have criticized the move to postpone the season until the spring. Nebraska has been the most vocal conference member to oppose the move, and in a recent interview, Huskers’ head coach, Scott Frost, hinted that his team would consider playing in the Big 12 conference if the Big Ten sticks to its decision to cancel its season.

Return to the Big 12?

Coach Frost has defiantly maintained that his players will play football “no matter what.” Many pundits now feel that Nebraska could be on a collision course with the rest of the teams in the Big Ten conference. The league’s commissioner, Kevin Warren, recently stated that he will expel any team that defies his decision and plays games this season. However, Coach Frost has argued that Nebraska could withdraw its participation from the Big Ten conference and return to the Big 12.

Before joining the Big Ten in 2011, Nebraska had been a member of the Big 12 for most of its history. Following Coach Frost’s passionate remarks on playing in the 2020 season, many pundits feel that he could push for Nebraska to reunite with its former conference.

A return to the Big 12 would be the most logical decision for the team if the conference holds a 2020 season. Coach Frost has insisted that he will get his players on the field in the next few weeks, but joining the Big 12 will not be an easy ride.

Some pundits have pointed out that the teams in the conference will have to agree to play Nebraska, and given the program’s highly controversial decision to leave the league in 2011; some colleges could reject the chance to play the Huskers this season.

Even though Coach Frost has claimed that his team will lose $80-$120 million if it doesn’t play this year, some analysts have pointed out that Nebraska would lose close to $50 million in guaranteed television revenue if it opted out of playing in the Big Ten.

Commissioner Warren’s decision

While Coach Frost and the leadership at the University of Nebraska have threatened to join the Big 12, it appears that the Big Ten conference has more leverage, and fans should expect Coach Frost to soften his stance about leaving the league in the next few days.

The Huskers will not go through with their promise to leave the Big Ten, but they could lead the push to convince the other teams in the conference to overturn Commissioner Warren’s decision and get the 2020 season back on track. Stay tuned for more news and updates.